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2014-11-24 15.00.33Until recently, I was Chief Executive Officer of Belantara Foundation, a private non-profit foundation with $50 million start-up fund striving to conserve, restore, and protect 1 million hectares of forest and peat lands through landscape approach.  Prior, he was Deputy Minister / Deputy Chair for Planning and Financing of the Management Agency for the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation of Forests (The REDD+ Agency), after serving for three years as member of the Presidential Task Force on REDD+ until the Agency was merged into the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in January 2015 (  He continued his work on REDD+ Finance for the ministry as Member of the Ministerial Transition Team of the ministry through United Nations Development Program until 2016.  His mandates in this position included the establishment and operationalizing of the planning and funding mechanisms for the implementation of REDD+ in Indonesia, FREDDI, which was considered among the most advanced funding mechanism for REDD+ in the world.  FREDDI, which was a fund of funds, took into account results-based disbursements, large-scale fund management and throughput, explicit participation of private sector through a public-private-people partnership (PPPP), and strong social, environmental, as well as fiduciary safeguards.  During his tenure, he also co-chaired the UNFCCC Work Program on REDD+ Financing from COP18 in Doha, Qatar, to COP19 in Warsaw, Poland (2012-2013) and the UNFCCC Contract Group on REDD+ Financing at COP19 in Warsaw, Poland (2013) that produced the UNFCCC decision on REDD+ Finance.

Concurrently, he serves as Member of the Investment Committee of the $600 million Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCAI), a US-Indonesia collaboration.  Also, he teaches a class on “Management of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship for Executive” (or also known as “Sustainability”) at the School of Business and Management at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM-ITB), while being Senior Lecturer for “Environmental Finance” classs and Senior Researcher on the same topic at the University of Indonesia through the Research Center on Climate Change, University of Indonesia (RCCC-UI).  He is also active internationally, as Member of the Editorial Board of international scientific journal “Climate Change and Development,” and Lead Faculty Member of the Earth System Governance of the Lund University, Sweden.  He is also Member and Senior Researcher of Institut Deliverologi Indonesia, a new policy and governance think tank established by Prof. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto.

He was also Country Director, Indonesia, and Strategic Policy Director, Southeast Asia, of Ecosecurities, the world’s largest carbon asset developer (2005-2010).  His tasks in Ecosecurities included arranging financial structures for initiatives with climate benefits, including through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol.  He was also involved in a peatland rehabilitation project in Central Kalimantan, a project jointly developed between Ecosecurities and JP Morgan, immediately after the acquisition of Ecosecurities by JP Morgan.  He developed the National Economic, Environment, and Development Strategy (NEEDS) for climate change financing, which was a strategy document for financial mobilization in Indonesia.  This included financing options that through public-private partnership.  In 2009, he signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Ecosecurities Indonesia and Bank Danamon (one of the big five local banks in Indonesia) to cofinance several climate-benefitting projects.  He also helped co-found the Ministry of Forestry –led Indonesian Forest and Climate Alliance (IFCA), a multi-stakeholder alliance on REDD+, leading up to COP13 in Bali, Indonesia, in 2007, and co-authored the first Indonesian report on REDD+.  At COP13, he was a Senior Advisor to the COP13 Presidency.  In 2009, for his performance in Ecosecurities Indonesia, he was awarded the Growth Leadership Strategy Award for Renewable Energy Company in Southeast Asia by Frost and Sullivan, a prominent management advisory.  He also developed an ecosystem service payment initiative for a forest conservation initiative with the Baduy tribe in West Jawa, Indonesia, in a concept coined “commercial conservation” that provided commercial financing for conservation initiatives; and carried out a mid-term review on Australian AID’s Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP).

Prior to Ecosecurities, he was Executive Director of Pelangi, one of the most prominent Jakarta-based environmental think tanks.  In this capacity, he worked on capacity building on carbon financing and Kyoto Protocol-based clean development mechanism that involved working with banks and financial institutions.  He also wrote and gave speeches on REDD+ and climate financing.  He led a team that developed the National Clean Development Mechanism Strategy Study (NSS-CDM), a World Bank –led initiative.

He is an innovator in the space of conservation.  He is a cofounder of the Gold Standard, which is the quality standard for energy sector emission reduction projects, and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) standard: the world’s de-facto quality standard for land-based emission reduction projects.  He was also a member of the Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the Nobel Peace Prize -winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, until 2007).  He has been a member of the Indonesian delegation to climate change negotiations since 2007.

He obtained an advance degree from the Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley, USA, through Fulbright Scholarship. He enjoys lecturing on a part time basis.  Personally, he likes outdoors activities, reading, and the arts. He is also an avid photographer.  And an  environmentalist.

Last Edit: June 2017.

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