Working with 220VAC Bulb

Turning on the 220 VAC with my touch switch through Arduino

After the satisfying result with the 12 VDC solenoid door lock, it’s time to use a real 220 VAC device. My primary motive to learn Arduino is, indeed, to control AC devices around the house. So I created a socket that houses an LED bulb that was connected to the AC plug and also to the relay. It was practically the same wiring as the door lock, except that is was a bulb. The sketch I used was one that toggles the relay when the touch switch was touched. As expected, the bulb turned on when the switch was touched, and off when the switch was touched again. Satisfying! This certainly in reases my confidence in building my dream device since my childhood.

The next in line is learning WiFi. I already bought myself a couple of ESP8266 ESP01, which is itself a small Arduino with the capability of controlling and being controlled by other devices through WiFi. I will report on the progress. When I understand how it works and make it actually work, I may switch to ESP8266 ESP12, the most modern version with bigger memory (but more expensive). Then I will use my tocuh switch to control it through WiFi. Let’s see.

ESP8266 ESP01

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