Relay-Controlled Door Lock

The doorlock is controlled by Arduino

My latest progress with Arduino was to control a relay with Arduino, itself uses capacitive touch switch. I ran an independently-powered 5 V LED through a relay, which was controlled by the touch switch through an Arduino. I also managed to program the Arduino to use the switch as a toggle switch, instead of a mere on-off switch. (“Toggle” switch means that when you touch the switch it will turn the LED on. Touching it another time will turn it off again. And so on.) Not so relevant with the doorlock here, but just to tell you what it can do.

Now, I wanted to control a real utility with the relay. I chose a 12 V solenoid doorlock. A solenoid doorlock is a lock that when you pass a 12 V power through it, will set off an electro magnetic that will pull the lock in, practically unlocking it. I wired a 12 V current through the other side of the relay and through the doorlock. So when the 5 V side of the relay got the 5 V signal from the Arduino, it turned the 12 V side on, and unlock the doorlock. The 5 V side of the relay was then controlled through the Arduino by the touch switch. For the purpose, I got for myself a 12 V power supply.

In theory, now if I install these components on my door, I can unlock it using the touch switch. But that would be too “mundane.” So I want to know now what else can you do to open the door, replacing the touch switch. I already have an RFID reader and a bunch of RFID cards. I also have a 4 x 4 keypad (so I can use it to input a pin code). Let’s see whether I can use them as keys to unlock the door. That will be my next project.

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